Financial Benefits During and After Military Service

Like many other Americans, members of the military face a variety of financial challenges during their lifetimes. Fortunately, their service is rewarded with special benefits, tax breaks and other legal protections that can alleviate financial concerns. Here are some of the financial benefits available to service members and their families throughout their lives.

Basic Pay and Allowances

The Truth about "Cash Rebate Program"

Question: I have heard of a cash rebate program under Sec. 106, Sub clause (b). How do I avail myself of this program? 

There have been articles posted about a new “cash rebate program” for tax payers. It is not new, nor is it a tax rebate program!!

How Might a Trump Presidency Affect Veterans’ Benefits?

The 2016 presidential election results seem to have almost divided our nation in half – with nearly 50% of the population feeling more elated and hopeful in our country’s future than ever before, and the other 50% feeling confused, depressed and fearful of what lies ahead.