Fun Facts about Tax

When most people hear taxes, they groan. In fact, when used as an adjective it means physically or mentally demanding. However, at GI Tax we love taxes and think that it’s important for people to understand why they pay them, if not enjoy the whole process. In an attempt to lighten the mood around taxes, here are some fun facts about taxes.

How to Keep Tabs on your Taxes All Year Long

Keeping tabs on your taxes all year long may seem difficult, but really it makes filing them every year much easier. Keeping organized is the first step in painless tax preparation. It is easy to keep tabs on your taxes if you follow these quick steps:

Be Thankful for your Taxes

This week we’ll be getting ready to celebrate one of our country’s best holidays, Thanksgiving. While we’re selecting our turkey and preparing the feast we can’t help but think back to when our forefathers first came to this great land. Every year since we’ve been working to create a better America, and one way that we’re able to achieve that, is through our taxes.